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Google Shopping Ads Improvements

Google Shopping Ads Improvements

Google shopping Ads

It’s not enough to create the optimal data feed to ensure Google Shopping success, and it’s certainly not enough to sell your products effectively on Google.

Don’t get us wrong: this is an essential step in the right direction, but any PPC expert worth their salt should be looking for ways to improve their Google Shopping Ads all the time.

When handled by a professional Google Shopping business, for example, you have a better chance of growing sales and maximizing your budget.

So, as employed by some of the world’s greatest Google Ads gurus, here are some of the best, most tried-and-true techniques to boost your Google Shopping Ads.

1. Make Your Product Feed More Effective

Optimizing your product feed is the first step in enhancing your Google Shopping Ads. In a nutshell, this is where Google gathers data about your items and presents advertising that are relevant to them.

In fact, the easier you make it for Google to read and scan your product information, the more likely you are to appear in front of the correct clients. Improving your photos and product titles, as well as mentioning your prices in your ad language, are some of the ‘simple wins.’

You quickly enhance your chances of picking a customer’s interest by doing so.

Indeed, if you’re new to data feed optimization, enhancing any of the above assets is a surefire method to boost your Google Shopping Ads without having to hire a costly Google Ads agency.

2. Concentrate on the products that are the most profitable for you.

By removing your unprofitable products from your campaign, you may focus on marketing your most profitable ones. You can accomplish this by modifying your bids and marking certain items as ‘excluded.’

Seasonality can also be a factor when it comes to excluding specific goods. If you have a lot of summer products, it’s realistic to assume that they won’t be your most profitable things during the winter; therefore removing them from your ad campaign would be highly beneficial.

It’s also vital to leave things off your roster if they’re out of stock or only come in a limited number of sizes or colors.

Indeed, PPC Geeks’ most knowledgeable Google Ads consultants strongly advise against including products in your ad portfolio.

3. Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are extremely important to the effectiveness of your Google Shopping ads. Negative keywords are the “silent heroes” of your Google Shopping Ads campaign, and there are several strategies to improve them.

Your shopping advertisements will not appear when consumers search for those precise keywords if you employ negative keywords. Negative keywords are highly useful in terms of trying to limit your ad’s reach so that you don’t over-extend your reach.

Importantly, Google allows you to track down search phrases that activated your advertising but did not result in any conversions. You can reduce the number of expensive clicks you were generating previously by doing so.

4. Make adjustments to your bids

Some clicks are worth more than others. You can have more control over who sees your adverts and when you alter your bids regularly.

Indeed, you can alter how often shoppers see your advertising based on their geographic area by using the location bid modification tool. You may also target your advertising based on where the majority of your sales are coming from, whether it’s a desktop computer or a mobile tablet, by altering your bids.

Even for a few hours, keeping your bids unique and variable will increase your Google Shopping Ads significantly.

5. The top compared. the rest

It may come as a surprise, but your best-selling product isn’t usually the most profitable. As a result, several products may outshine your outstanding product while remaining hidden at the top of search results.

Because certain items will outperform others in terms of impressions, it’s critical to note that great impression performance does not always imply increased profitability.

Don’t make too many major adjustments

The five tips above are only a few of the greatest for improving your Google Shopping Ads, and they’re employed by everyone from the world’s best PPC agency to the country’s leading Google Ads firm.

Google Shopping campaigns are delicate, and even the simplest change can have a significant influence on your results. With this in mind, it’s easy to see why you should avoid making any major modifications.

Furthermore, it’s critical to be able to quickly track your modifications and utilize those metrics to inform your research and ensure that the changes are beneficial to you. It might be harmful to your business if you make a lot of changes rapidly.

As a result, implementing A/B testing with your Google Shopping Ads may ensure that you’re making the best possible selections and improvements.

PPC Geeks Can Help You Improve Your Google Shopping Ads

Paid Google Shopping Ads are a no-brainer for eCommerce firms looking to get the most bang for their buck with their marketing dollars. So, if you use any of the aforementioned methods, PPC Geeks can nearly promise that your Google Shopping Ads will improve almost immediately.

PPC Geeks prides itself on being one of the top 10 PPC agencies in the globe, as well as the best PPC agency in the United Kingdom. As a result, if you need assistance or want to enhance your Google Ads conversion rate, consider investing in one of their free PPC audits or full Google Ads audits.





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