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The day Pakistan beats India in WCC

The day Pakistan beats India in WCC

India–Pakistan cricket rivalry

The India – Pakistan cricket rivalry is one of the most difficult sports rivalries in the world.

Both teams always do their best to win the match for their country and nation because both nations are always excited about the Pak Vs India Cricket match. Indians always have expectations from their team to with against Pakistan and the Pakistani nation expects their team to beat India in a cricket match. Both nations become mad when it comes to India and Pakistan cricket match. The people of India and Pakistan are emotionally attached to cricket. The Pakistani nation always says that no matter if Pakistan lost the match to any other country but they should not lose the match with India and the same the Indian match expect from Indian players.

The India–Pakistan cricket rivalry is the most beautiful rivalry in the world. All the world become excited when the India and Pakistan cricket teams came in ground to play.

But all above there is something more important in the Pakistan and India cricket matches and that is world cup match between Pakistan and India. World cup comes after a gap of years and both nations always remember the match of Pakistan and India either they won or loose. Both nations mentally prepare each other to win the world cup match because both the nations have taken the world cup match as a war. If you win the match you will become the boss until next world cup match that’s why world cup match of India Pakistan is so important. All the other teams and nations also have eyes on Pakistan and India world cup matches they also enjoy. IN every world cup after the final match the most excited and important match is Pakistan and India match.

History of Pakistan Vs India Matches

The two sides first played in 1952, when Pakistan toured India they lost the first Test in Delhi to India, but won the second Test in Lucknow. And after that sometimes India tours Pakistan and mostly Pakistan goes to India to play matches and from till now Pakistan has won the most matches overall and there is always a good competition between Pakistan and India in cricket. Never a single match is easy for any of team either it is test match, odi match or t2o match. Match between Pakistan and India is always a pressure handling match. The team which becomes confident and handles the pressure always wins and other who can’t handle the pressure always loose. Crowd plays an important role in pressure making. It also depends if you are playing in India or Pakistan or that part of world where one country has large crowd then other.

As you know Pakistan has won the most cricket matches played between Pakistan and India but there is also one thing that is always highlighted that Pakistan has never won a single world cup match against India. This is always the most alarming thing for Pakistan that they has played several matches against India in world cup but Pakistan has never won a single world cup match.

Pakistan World Cup History

Pakistan won the 1992 world cup and 2009 world cup but there is a shocking thing in theses world cups Pakistan loose it’s both matches against India and India won. Since the first world cup Pakistan has never won a single world cup match against India and due to this Indians always troll Pakistan that they can’t win world cup match and have no ability or guts to beat India a world cup match as the world cup match is the main match between Pakistan and India that comes after years. Pakistan always tries hard to win the world cup match against India but always fail.

There are many famous Pakistani players and captains who tried hard to win the world cup match against India but they did not win the world cup match. Imran khan, Wasim Akram and Misbah ul Haq are the most famous and dedicated captains of Pakistan. Under these captaincies Pakistan has won many matches but they also did not beat India in world cup match in their tenure.

But the history changes itself and the day came when Pakistan beat India in a world cup match brutally. This was the time when Babar Azam was the captain of Pakistan and  Babar Azam’s Pakistan bounced back brilliantly in the last edition of the tournament, as they produced a near-perfect performance in Dubai to clinch their first-ever victory against India in a World Cup.

It was 24 of October 2021 when Pakistan beats India in a t20 world cup match by 10 wickets.

The history was changed and made by Babar azam after many years and India will always remember this defeat because India was beaten by Pakistan very badly in this world cup match.

And Pakistanis will also never forget this win against India.


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