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Video Improvement for YouTube with Enhancements

Video Improvement for YouTube with Enhancements

Making engaging social video content has never been easier. You have a multitude of video processing choices exposed before you ever click upload with YouTube Enhancements, the platform’s new and free video editor. Here’s everything you need to know about incorporating Enhancements into your digital marketing videos.

The Importance of High-Quality Video

Of course, before we get too deep into post-production, let’s go over why good source material is so important. While video editors may help take a good video and turn it into something spectacular, it’s always ideal to start with the greatest quality available.

This necessitates meticulous planning for your social videos. Don’t just go out and photograph anything with your phone camera. Always keep in mind that the primary goal of your film is to improve your brand. Focus on making high-quality films from the outset, whether it’s to build on your existing reputation, showcase a hot new product, or entice people to trust you.

Remember to include a storyboard that spells out the video’s aims as part of the overall process. Even if you’re recording on your phone, try to get the greatest quality footage you can. Pay attention to camera frame issues and carefully prepare your lighting. While clean, consistent lighting is ideal for inside images, bright, natural lighting can also be effective. Choose the best option for the videos. Keep an eye out for distracting elements such as shadows and other intrusions into the frame. Allow your brand identity to show through by keeping dialogue clean, straightforward, and focused.

Don’t forget to think about other components of the videos as well. Do you have a go-to video introduction? Will it work well with this videos? Are the frame size and quality consistent? What colors, typefaces, and branding do you employ to keep your video content consistent? Do you know how to build a YouTube banner that stands out and grabs people’s attention? Before you start shooting, nail down the fine details, and the result will reward your efforts.

Enhancements for YouTube Video

While YouTube Enhancements is a useful tool to have in your arsenal, keep in mind that it lacks the expertise of a professional video editor. They are, nonetheless, extremely useful (and cool) and require very little technical knowledge on the part of the user. There’s no longer any justification for poor video quality.

It’s accessible through the edit option on your YouTube channel’s Video Manager. It currently has three main categories.

Quick Solutions:

Here you’ll find tools to aid with saturation and contrast difficulties. Trim and rotate options are also available. It’s basic, but it’s simple to use and useful for individuals that need to submit clips quickly. Stabilization, slow motion, and timelapse effects are also available. You may also edit your videos and add music to them.


The new filters move YouTube closer to Instagram, and many of the names will be familiar. Simpler lighting and color modifications are also possible.

Blurring Effects: 

Blurring effects give your videos an extra degree of privacy and concentration. Use them to blur out license plates or to conceal the faces of people for whom you don’t have a full model release. There are also some humorous fun filters here.

You can utilize the preview to double-check your enhanced video once you’re happy with it. You can either revert to the original core footage or save the video as a new one. There’s even the ability to alter previously uploaded videos retroactively. However, there have been some challenges with applying retroactive video adjustments to videos with more than 100,000 views, so keep that in mind. Videos from Content Match cannot be modified. It’s usually a good idea to plan and perfect your video before uploading it. After all the horses have watched your footage, what’s the sense of locking the barn door? YouTube Enhancements is presently available for PC, Android, and iOS.

The Importance of Social Video in Digital Marketing

For social media marketing, video is currently the most popular content type. YouTube alone serves up nearly 1 billion hours of video per day. The only question is whether or not your video is one of them.

Video is an effective medium for telling stories. Humans are naturally visual creatures. The video goes well beyond still images and allows you to convey a lot of information without being overpowering, as well as personalize your business and connect with your customers. Video is currently used by 81 percent of firms as part of their marketing plan, and 90 percent of consumers say it has aided them in making a purchase choice.

The question in the twenty-first century isn’t why you should use videos as a cornerstone of your digital marketing strategy. Instead, why aren’t you doing it already? The future of content marketing is videos. It’s time to let your brand stand out from the pack, with YouTube upgrades making it easier than ever to publish high-quality, captivating videos material.



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